Permitted Use Of This Music

The songs on this site are copyrighted, but are provided for free, legal download for the purpose of personal listening and enjoyment (and, obviously, the artists involved hope that you will enjoy their music and want to hear more…possibly becoming a fan, buying CDs or track downloads, attending concerts, etc)…but there are a few restrictions. Since we receive a lot of questions about this, here are some guidelines:

  • unrestricted personal listening is permitted. This includes listening on a personal computer, burning a personal CD and transfering to a personal listening device (i.e., iPod or MP3 player)
  • burning a copy to¬†share with a friend as a GIFT is permitted, as is sending an MP3 as an email attachment for the purpose of sharing

We have no authority to grant permission apart from personal listening. But by way of illustration of this point, here are examples of usage that are clearly NOT permitted:

  • redistributing this music to others and charging a fee of any kind for it is not permitted (as this implies that you have ownership and the legal right to do so, which you do not)
  • posting these songs on another web site is not permitted without express permission (as this implies that you have ownership and the legal right to do so, which you do not)
  • use of this music by a company for on-hold listening, as a soundtrack for a broadcast or non-broadcast commercial, as part of a custom CD to send as a gift to clients, or as background music for your company’s Christmas e-card is not permitted. Companies are, by definition, for-profit ventures…whether or not the immediate use appears to have a direct profit motive. Some artists do grant permission for non-profit usage. However, this is a decision made by the individual artists and not by us. We’re not involved in the process. We do our best to direct you to their web site so you can make inquiry.

We understand that some companies have an interest in use of this music as part of a product, gift or presentation. We do not have the authority to grant this permission. Please directly contact the artist who created the music to seek their permssion, and understand that most will require some level of financial compensation.

Thanks for visiting our site and enjoying our music!