Christmas Audio Stories

Our Christmas music has proven hugely popular over the past few years…and as technology continues to make streaming and downloadable MP3s more accessible and more portable, we decided to begin to branch into spoken word audio as well. We hope you enjoy these Christmas- and holiday-themed stories. Feel free to tell a friend about them! 🙂



To Download A Story: Hover over the downward arrow graphic to the right of the title. Then, right-click and Save Link.
Use Of These MP3s: These MP3s are distributed for personal listening use only. More info can be found here.

Our Story Readers

Chuck Brown is a professional voiceover talent hailing from Ohio. You can hear more of his work as a story reader on our sister site, or hire him to tell your company’s story at



Steve Orchard is a musician (and sometimes Santa Claus/Father Christmas) hailing from the UK. Hear some of his music at: