Promote Your Christmas Music

If you’re a musician who has an indie Christmas music album available, or even if you want to create something for the site to bring some attention to your songwriting or artistry, you are welcome to submit your material for consideration. This is a great opportunity to get yourself out there and heard by plenty of people. The public will be able to access your music easily, so spread some Christmas cheer by sharing your Christmas songs.

We are definitely interested in finding quality material for the site.

However, there are some things you should be aware of:

  • We don’t pay for song usage. This is a site which was created to share free music, not to make money (a media-rich site like this is very expensive to host, however…so we do have ads on the site to underwrite these hard costs). Therefore, we don’t pay artists or publishers for the use of the music here. All the music here has been contributed by artists in order to publicize their work and/or encourage sales of their products. It’s all completely free and legal for non-profit use. From the artists’ perspective, it’s a free promotional opportunity…and just a way of sharing some of what you do with no additional motives.
  • Cover versions or arrangements of contemporary songs. We generally prefer to avoid commercially-published material, to avoid dealing with publishers who believe they have a right to collect royalties on songs that are being given away for free. If you do submit a song, and we accept it, you alone bear the responsibility for working things out with the publisher. We are not involved. The arrangement to give away copies of your songs in exchange for a promotional opportunity does not mean we claim any ownership or financial stake in your arrangement with them. Many singer-songwriters are self-published or work with small publishers who understand the value of the free exposure here. In such a case, we may be able to use your stuff. And, public domain music is always fair game. If you’d like to see a list of public domain Christmas songs, here’s a helpful resource.
  • This is a family-friendly site. We won’t be interested in your profane or irreverent takes on Christmas or Santa Claus. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy humor…just keep it clean and tasteful for a family-type audience.
  • Contact us first. Please don’t assume that we’ll be putting what you send us on the site. Send us a note using the form on the Contact page. Tell us what you’ve got. If we’re interested at that point, we’ll give you an email address to use to send us an MP3. We’re looking for quality…but just because we might not be interested in your stuff doesn’t mean we don’t think you have talent. But not everything will work for our purposes here.
  • It’s about value. We only present high-quality stereo songs of full length here. We don’t do partial clips or lower-quality MP3 encoding. Take our word for it… it’s a privilege to have people willing to give your music a listen. We feel the need to honor that by offering good songs via good quality recording and good quality encoding technology.

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