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4 New Free Christmas Song Downloads Posted

As the holiday season heats up, we’ve got some more delightful music for you this time:

Acoustic Bloom¬†is a band based in Kilkenny, Ireland. You’ll enjoy their contribution to the season, which could become a contemporary holiday classic:¬†On Christmas Eve.

Cathy Oakes¬†is a solo pianist and pastor from Tennessee. She’s sharing two beautiful compositions:¬†Let There Be Joy¬†and¬†Lullaby For A King.

The (Christmas) Agency¬†hails from¬†Newcastle upon Tyne, England…and they’ve brought us their Christmas love song¬†Tinsel Tinged Dreamin’.

More to come soon. En-Joy!

3 New Christmas Music Downloads Posted

Tis the season to be jolly…and today, we’re spicing things up with some brand new free Christmas music downloads!

First up is Terns, a trio of guys who bring a rootsy acoustic feel and plaintive vocals with their original composition, Peace On Earth.

Next, Jason Paul Johnston is a music teacher from Tennessee, and he offers up his compelling rendition of a traditional African-American spiritual: Children, Go Where I Send Thee (also sometimes referred to as The Holy Baby or Born in Bethlehem).

Finally, Andrea Murrell has shared with us her song considering the perspective of Mary’s husband: What About Joseph?

More to come soon. En-Joy!

Updated “Theme Song” For The Site

Welcome to our first post of 2013!

We thought it was especially appropriate to kick off our first year at our new web address by rearranging the song that started it all for us.

So, enjoy the new version of Chuck Brown’s Feels Like Christmas!

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