Hey-hey…we had some last-minute additions come in to the site, with just a handful of days left before the Big Day on Sunday!

  • Loop Line returns with a new song this year…an original called Snowdrifts, which they describe as a “melancholy duet about the search for calmness amidst the chaos that is the holiday season, and an ode to the moments of peace found between the blinking lights and falling snow”. You’ll find it right here.
  • Next up is singer/songwriter Chuck Brown, with his tender folky take on the Christmas classic What Child Is This? You’ll find that one right here.
  • And, while not a new song, Andrea Murrell returns with an updated recording of her song What About Joseph?, this time sung by Shane McConnell. And you can find that one right here.

That’s probably it for Christmas 2017. But, if not, we’ll try to pass along any really, really latecomers, should any more arrive!

En-Joy! 😉