Despite all the protestations that celebration of Christmas must *not* commence until after Thanksgiving (!!), that’s not our policy here. We love to get in the holiday spirit early and often, and we are starting off our celebration of Christmas 2018 right now! We have 3 new additions to the site with this update…two songs and one story:

First up is a song from Thomas Raniszewski. It’s a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and as such, he looks for opportunities to spread it far and wide. It’s performed by Kathy Fowler, and it’s called Through A Child’s Eyes. It’s for sale as a single (that’s where the fundraising part comes in), but an MP3 version is also available for download here.

Secondly, Andrea Murrell has a new release of her song What About Joseph?, from the album And This Is Jesus. The new version is sung by Shane McConnell as well, and it’s available to download here.

And finally, we have a new story from the UK from Steve Orchard, who has gifted us now with several great holiday-themed stories in these past few years. His new one is called Old Village Shop, and you’ll find it on this page.

We hope to have some more special treasures to offer you this holiday season. If you have any friends who are musicians with holiday music available who might be interested in sharing a free MP3 download in exchange for some wider exposure, please consider sending them our way. We love making everyone’s holidays just a bit brighter.

En-Joy! 😉